Isabel Zacher-Finet - Germany

Isabelle Zacher-Finet is born in 1974. She lives and works in Berlin. With her works she would like to transmit a little of her joy of life, do courage and decorate the life with always new colours. The mostly French artwork titles result from her French roots on the father's side. The paintings create in this manner a constant connection with the land and the language which it loves also, how her hometown Berlin. Their works are as different, equally in motive and technology, as she is it herself. Her style defines itself just by this versatility which is inalienable for her. The world holds ready to her too much, as that she could decide and wanted. The free lance painter transmits her knowledge enthusiastically on different ways to enthusiasts: she leads Workshops on the subject, has published several books, is active for specialist suppliers in an advisory capacity and instructions on the subject Acrylic are to be found by her regularly in the specialist publications. Beside her own exhibits by the home and foreign country, the young artist takes part in communal projects with other artists over and over again and is involved not seldom in the organisation. Every kind of the creative collaboration is seen by her with pleasure and supports from the conviction that sensible collaboration of the advancement of every singles is conducive and brings new inspirations with itself over and over again. Their lasting studio community with the artist Anegada and successful cooperations with artists in other cities and lands prove this daily.