Maria Cristina Bonilla Marcos - Spain

Mª Cristina Bonilla Marcos, was born in Madonado, Oriental Republic of Uruguay in 1953. At the age of twenty she passed the entrance examination for the Montevideo Architecture Faculty. Afterwards she studied painting , drawing and also visual arts in Montevideo.

In 1978 Cristina moved permanently to Spain and chose Majorca as her new place of residence. Since then she has exhibited her work on numerous successive occasions both Spain and Uruguay, her home Land, , where she opened her second atelier in 1988. Cristina is a very prolific artist, her career has been marked with many honours and rewards like the II “Galerías Preciados” Painting award in 1982.

Her paintings are very sought after by collectors all over the world and they can be found in private collections in Spain, Uruguay, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands.