Carles Gomila Camps - Spain

Born in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1978, Carles has a degree in Belles Arts by Sant Jordi university in Barcelona. He has been painting professionally since the age of 21. Nowadays, he creates his own compositions with figures that he generally invents and he works with a wide variety of formats from the smallest to the lagerst ones. Carles does not only paint for himself but he also paints by order (large format pictures,portraits,etc...)

The artist focuses on the aesthetic representation on the human body, he recreates the clasic values of art from today’s point of view. He paints tender pictures, that at the same time can be dizzying, seductive, lively, and elegant.

Carles is technically ambitious. Thanks to his interests in old oil painting techniques he has adquired a practice uncommon nowadays: He developes and produces his own colours and he prepares the painting surface himself in a traditional way. The artist uses first class materials which not only guarantee the perservation of his work but also allow his pictures to offer the ultimate in depth of colour, richness in shades and elegance of finish.