Terms & Conditions


According to the descriptions in the terms and conditions mentioned below, "you" are considered as visitor of the Web site, consulting the offers proposed and committing yourself in an active way to buy the products or services provided by ARTamTam.

"We" refers to:

ARTamTam Imaging S.L. 


Calle Bonaire 22
07012 Palma de Mallorca
Islas Baleares
VAT Identification nº: ES X5740626X

Registered in the commercial register of Palma de Mallorca
Tomo 1793, Libro 0, Folio 131, Seccion 8, Hoja PM-37045, Inscripción 1


which accepts an offer to buy goods and services, confirms the order, supplies it and guarantees the delivery of the aforementioned goods in exchange for a payment.

All the orders you make must respect the following terms:


You certify that the personal data you provide with registration are accurate without exception. It is prohibited to use a fake name nor substitute someone else or use his/her name without having been previously authorized.

Product and service purchase

The sold products are only intended for private use. Its acquisition is neither subject to geographic nor timing restrictions. A modification, duplication or the reselling of the product are strictly prohibited.
Any request that involves an order or a purchase on your part is subject to our policy on order acceptance described below. The following steps establish a commitment contract between yourself and our Company ARTamTam.
An order is activated from the moment on when you press the submission key after the control stage on the Web site. In reply we will immediately send you an e-mail confirming your order. This e-mail will register in detail the ordered products or their references, as well as the final costs and the currency in which they will be charged on your credit card. We advise you to keep a copy of this e-mail confirming the transaction.

Shipping Costs

The charges for delivery, logistic or insurance are to be submitted by the client.
Additional delivery costs or custom duty beyond the EU are to be submitted by the client.
Additional delivery costs due to incorrect information about the delivery address are to be submitted by the client as well.
Our delivery time is about 20 days. We cannot guarantee delivery times or dates due to circumstances according to weather, transport or reasons beyond our control.


Nowadays we are able to obtain an optimum visual quality by means of numerical printing techniques.
We take great care to obtain and send a product as similar as possible to the proposed terms on our Web site, nevertheless slight discords in colour may be found due to a difference of calibration between your computer screen and the real colours of the numerical printing process.
If the printing is on canvas, the image can extend around the sides of the wooden frame; this is not a fault at all. All the press sizes indicated are nominal. ARTamTam will not assume any responsibilities with regard to different sizes. All prints are only designed for interior zones.
All images are mounted “ready to hang” on stretcher frames.
We cannot be forced to print any material with images or texts of illegal, immoral, slanderous nature, harming private life or honour.
It is the client's responsibility to make sure that all photographs provided for our use are not subject to any royalties, copyright or divulging duties that may entail a claim from third parties.

European electronic commerce law

You have the right to return the product and to be refunded within 14 working days after the delivery date.
This right applies to all products finished with our care, as well as to the artists' works presented in our virtual gallery.
This right does not apply to any product that we have designed on your personal request, individual specifications or for products which are not returnable due to its condition.


The payment in euros is to be submitted due to the order without any deductions.
All prices include the V.A.T. All transactions will be done by means of a valid credit card which you are the holder of, or which you are authorized to use. Each credit card bearer passes a control and a validation authorization by the card's issuer.
If the card's issuer refuses to authorize the payment, we will not be able to attend your order nor will we be found responsible for denying the transaction.

Security and Privacy Policy

ARTamTam is obligated to protect the client’s privacy and its personal data.
Your personal data will be used by the regulations of the German duty of security terms. We simply use the personal data of our clients for the processing of the order and only with their agreement.
ARTamTam does not sell any personal data of its clients and only gives the data to third parties, if it concerns cooperation company’s which are involved in the service provision.
Those can be logistic companies as well as our collaboration partners for framing. In this case we only refer those data’s which are necessary for the delivery (name, surname, delivery address) but in no case payment information like credit card details.
ARTamTam uses all the presently available technical means for the protection of personal details, thus ensuring their confidentiality.
We store this information in a server data bank which access is blocked for other servers, thus ensuring all your personal details remain confidential. To buy anything on the web site you must please provide your personal details, i.e. your name and surname, your official address, a delivery address, your e-mail and phone number, together with your credit card data, key and expiry date. All this information is required to serve your order and thereby give you the best service we can. By forwarding your order to us, you agree that we are allowed to use and process your personal data for the transaction of your order.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy you may contact the web site manager:


General information

This site, its contents, catalogues, texts, illustrations, photographs and images are the property of ARTamTam and/or third parties connected with ARTamTam by contract turning out to be entitled to intellectual copyright of the Web site.
Copying and/or downloading, completely or partially, the site, its contents, its catalogues, texts, illustrations, photographs and/or images is forbidden.

We reserve our right to change prices, modify or cancel, either temporarily or permanently, the services offered by the intermediary of this Web site. We reserve our right to remove all the products on this site or part of them. We have the right to deny any transaction for any reason or deny our services at our own complete discretion. We reserve the right to subcontract and/or transfer these rights and responsibilities to third parties as the title of these terms.

ARTamTam reserves its right to modify these terms. Any modification of these terms will affect the responsibilities between ARTamTam and its clients. The modifications will not affect the sales that are already effective though still in the process of being executed.

These terms are under the Spanish law; the power of jurisdiction belongs to the courts of Palma de Mallorca.